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PLA Straws

The PLA straw material is derived from plant starch, and its matrix material has a wide range of resources.
In the case of high crude oil prices and oil depletion, PLA straws have significant advantages in environmental protection and social benefits, and will replace traditional polypropylene straws step by step into the future.


  • 100% PLA biodegradable material derived from corn
  • Comply with European EN1343 and American ASTMD6400 standards.
  • Safe, healthy, food grade, can be used for hot or cold drinks.
  • Environmentally friendly, 100% fully biodegradable under composting conditions.
Polylactic Acid StrawPolylactic Acid Straw
Polylactic Acid Straw
Pla Drinking StrawsPla Drinking Straws
Pla Drinking Straws
PLA Straws BiodegradablePLA Straws Biodegradable
PLA Straws Biodegradable
PLA Straws BiodegradablePLA Straws Biodegradable
PLA Straws Biodegradable
PLA Cornstarch StrawsPLA Cornstarch Straws
PLA Cornstarch Straws
Sustainable StrawsSustainable Straws
Sustainable Straws
Biodegradable Pla StrawsBiodegradable Pla Straws
Biodegradable Pla Straws
Bio Degradable Pla StrawBio Degradable Pla Straw
Bio Degradable Pla Straw
Eco Friendly Drinking StrawsEco Friendly Drinking Straws
Eco Friendly Drinking Straws
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Wholesale Straws

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Over 100 production equipment and multiple production lines enable us to achieve a production capacity of over 1 million cups in just 3 days.

Wholesale Straws

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